"I walk my path for the journey…"

How it should be?

Rosario’ism 1/16/15: How it should be? Well it should be custom made for you. The way you live you life should be abided by the fundamental laws of the world … Continue reading

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Do you stand alone?

Rosario’ism 1/15/15: Do you stand alone? Are your thoughts, opinion, decisions and actions based on your own perspective? Being able to stand firm and alone on anything you strongly believe … Continue reading

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Individually Coupled.

Rosario’ism 1/14/15: Individually coupled. No one is meant to complete you rather to complement you. The person you choose to spend your time, life, days with should be an extensions … Continue reading

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Own it.

Rosario’ism 1/13/15: Own it. Race is a construct of society. It’s not a choice. No one cares that you are biracial or what heritage you really are. You are in … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 12/19/14: Acceptance. This is the key to a go with the flow lifestyle. What keeps us agitated, unhappy, and uncomfortable is the want to change and control everything. By … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 12/18/14: New. We all know that you like to hold on to all your marbles til New Years but for what? For the 12 grape wish? For the NYrs … Continue reading

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Living example.

Rosario’ism 12/17/14: Living Example. Be the person who shows and proves, the person that speaks words into existence. Let your actions speak what you can’t put into words. Allow the … Continue reading

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