"I walk my path for the journey…"


Rosario’ism 12/19/14: Acceptance. This is the key to a go with the flow lifestyle. What keeps us agitated, unhappy, and uncomfortable is the want to change and control everything. By … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 12/18/14: New. We all know that you like to hold on to all your marbles til New Years but for what? For the 12 grape wish? For the NYrs … Continue reading

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Living example.

Rosario’ism 12/17/14: Living Example. Be the person who shows and proves, the person that speaks words into existence. Let your actions speak what you can’t put into words. Allow the … Continue reading

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Make a wish & Blow.

Rosario’ism 12/16/14: Make a wish and blow. Every year, God willing, you arrive at another year of life. You close your eyes, make a wish and blow the candles. But … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 12/10/14: Options. They will take you for granted when they think you are always available. Sometimes, you need to fade in the darkness, become the dust in the air … Continue reading

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Support System.

Rosario’ism 12/8/14: Support System. No one can support your team better than you. Your visions and dreams are realized within you and your purpose, long before anyone is able to … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 12/5/14: Rookie. You are at the batting field of life, going from base to base gathering more momentum to reach home base. But what is home base? Isn’t it … Continue reading

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