"I walk my path for the journey…"


Rosario’ism 10/31/14: Haunted. Those constant negative thoughts. The constant fear in your moments and the scary voice in your head. They are all conspiring against you so notice they are … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 10/30/14: Intentions. Any situation can be gratifying if you focus on your own intention. Do you want to listen, understand and then accept it. Your initial intentions are usually … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 10/29/14: Illusion. The Illusion of a greener grass keeps you in dissatisfaction. The more you focus on what is over there, you will believe that what you have here, … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 10/28/14: Stubborn. Stop dodging the prominent information coming to you from all angles. Your own position, perception and doubt is only keeping you from where you should be. If … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 10/27/14: Unfitted. Be that square peg that cannot fit in the round hole. Be that pencil creating swirls all over that straight line. You are unique and fit into … Continue reading

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Out the box.

Rosario’ism 10/24/14: Out the box. When you have a versatile character, many people misconstrued your capabilities. Allow yourself to evolve in your greatness, become adaptable in any situation and most … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 10/23/14: Spirituality. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. Remind yourself that you humanistic being is just the skeleton allowing you to be seen. Who you really are … Continue reading

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