"I walk my path for the journey…"


Rosario’ism 9/30/14: Downgrade. So on your list of your priorities, You should be at the top. It’s time to re-prioritize and make sure your well-being is the most important thing. … Continue reading

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Walk in Faith

Rosario’ism 10/29/14: Walk in Faith. Keep stepping on concrete even though you do not see any stones ahead. Blindly run against the wind. As you walk in faith and remove … Continue reading

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Forgive & Learn.

Rosario’ism 9/26/14: Forgive & Learn. Forgiveness doesn’t mean amnesia. As we are all walking in sin we should learn to forgive but the worst feeling is to have the same … Continue reading

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Love from a Distance.

Rosario’ism 9/17/14: Love from a Distance. Sometimes distance is needed. When you outgrow each other. When the conflicts outweighs the laughter and the growth is standing still and you want … Continue reading

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Your Reality.

Rosario’ism 9/16/14: Your Reality. Things exist in your life as they are because you have made them your reality. What you choose to think and what you invest your energy … Continue reading

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Affirmative Speaking.

Rosario’ism 9/15/14: Affirmative speaking. Be careful how you speak your words of Never and Always. Spit up and gravity will bring it back down. Find humility and gratitude in the … Continue reading

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Stand Strong.

Rosario’ism 9/12/14: Stand Strong. Stand on your own and trust it. You can seek for advise and confirmation from others for all your decisions or you can build enough strength … Continue reading

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