"I walk my path for the journey…"

Sit and Wait?

Rosario’ism 8/29/14: Sit and wait? Nope, that’s for fools. God helps those that help themselves. If you are waiting for him to just come to your couch and hand you … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 8/28/14: Curiousity. We all know what happened to the curious cat… Do not allow the wondering thoughts to push you to see or know more than you are ready … Continue reading

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Self imposed Chaos.

Rosario’ism 8/27/14: Self imposed chaos. Oh so your bored, huh? So that your day can feel more fulfilled you are choosing to cultivate dramatic occasions composed of chaos? Really though? … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 8/26/14: You. Commit to what you do. Listen, no one knows better about who you are than you. You wake up and go to sleep with you. So be … Continue reading

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Rosario’ism 8/25/14: Xtraordinary. Not everyone is born with an extraordinary talent but everyone is born to be extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be the ability to sing or dance like … Continue reading

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Be Here.

Rosario’ism 8/22/14: Be Here. No one should make you disappear. Your presence is in your own proclaimed existence. You need to learn you and how to love you. If the … Continue reading

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Speak & Listen.

Rosario’ism 8/21/14: Speak & Listen. SPEAK in such a way that others love to listen to you. LISTEN in such a way that others love to speak to you.” -Anonymous … Continue reading

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